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Have you been looking for hacks ? You have come to the right place. Here at HG we are here to supply you with all you have ever wanted, to show your nerdy self and cheat on those people better than you right ! This is where we come in. We find games like Combat Arms, Maple Story, Pawngame, and more and supply you with hacks!

Here is where you come in, once you download our hacks, we own you. When I say own, I mean that you should atleast be nice enough to post on the forums :P.

Where are all the hacks ?

The hacks are gonna be "imported" soon. I want you to help me with this part! Once you have registered in the foums, if you can find/make hacks from somewhere else, give them to me so I can release a bundle of them at one time. I am alone in the search party and am looking for the hacking light. So get over here and help me!


Add/email me at


Coming Soon

Glitch Videos, Working Hacks After the 3/26/09 Patch, Tips, And Free GP/NX CASH CONTEST FOR COMBAT ARMS. So sit still and remain patient.